Adult District Confirmation - USTA Mixed 40 & Over
Please submit this form to confirm that your team is planning to participate in the District Championship as a 1st place team or wild card, should your team finish in 1st or draw a wild card.

By submitting this form, teams are confirming they are participating in the District Championships, should they qualify.


This form is only intended for teams that have a mathematical chance of finishing in 1st or 2nd place. We will notify any team that receives a wildcard directly by the District Championship schedule publish date. Contact us if you have any questions.

Team Information (USTA Mixed 40 & Over)

(Note: To be eligible, players must have played in at least 2 local league matches (1 can be a win by default). There are no eligibility waivers.)
(Note: We may communicate via text message to this phone number in the event of inclement weather during District Championships.)
(Ex. West I, Central II, South III), Enter "N/A" if there is no sub-flight.
As it appears on the team name in TennisLink
Starts with 2572


Below is the team name based on the information entered above. If the team name is not correct, please make the necessary changes above before submitting the form.

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