POP Tennis Denver Debut
Be One of the First in Colorado to get POPPIN’
Register now for the Denver debut of POP Tennis. The event is FREE and sure to be lots of fun. See the best of the best battle it out in a short exhibition with POP Tennis national champs, Austin Doerner & Scott Doerner, then get POPPIN’ yourself with on-court drills followed by social doubles play. All levels welcome, and great fun for adults and kids alike.

The 411 on POP Tennis
POP Tennis is a shorter version of tennis played with a small racquet/paddle and green ball on a 60’ court. The rules are the same as tennis. In POP Tennis, players get one underhand serve, rallies last longer, and there’s a little less running than traditional tennis – yet it’s a super workout, and great for your tennis game.

Choose from one of the two events below. Space is limited and it’s sure to fill up fast. Racquets and refreshments provided.

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