POP Tennis Training for Teaching Pros
Be One of the First in Colorado to Get Your Students POPPIN’
USTA Colorado is excited to host a POP Tennis training – for tennis professionals. The training is free, and for those you who are USPTA members, you’ll receive 1.25 continuing education credits hours.

The 411 on POP Tennis
POP Tennis is a shorter version of tennis played with a special racquet/paddle and green ball on a 60’ court. The rules are the same as tennis. In POP Tennis, players get one underhand serve, rallies last longer, and there’s a little less running than traditional tennis – yet it’s a super workout, and great for a player’s traditional tennis game.

Workshop Agenda
Off-court – Teaching Professional Informative

• History of POP Tennis
• POP Tennis – The 411: court size, equipment, rules & easy on boarding aspect, etc.
• POP Tennis – use of existing tennis court infrastructure
• Strategic partnership with USTA - provide an alternative adult short court format on existing 60’ courts designed to attract lapsed/new and existing players
• Ease of transitioning instruction from tennis to pop tennis: similarity of instruction, technique, lessons, and clinics and emphasis on social opportunities
• New opportunities that come along with new offering (new players, additional programming, equipment, etc.)
• Development of Team POP/ambassador program
• Next steps, including where to get equipment

On-court Intro and Demonstration
• Conducted by POP Tennis Presenters

On-court Drills with Students
• Observe/assist national POP Tennis Presenters in working with students on court to conduct instruction and drills

*POP Tennis Presenters
Jerry Pham, President – International POP Tennis Association
Austin Doerner, National POP Champion
Scott Doerner, National POP Champion

Note: the second and third portions of the agenda above will include students (players who register for the POP Tennis Denver Debut). Here you’ll see how the game is played and experience firsthand how to conduct POP Tennis lessons/drills/events.

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